Tom Kruskal Designs

Tom Kruskal Designs in argentium silver!

1. Tom’s beautiful designs are now available in argentium sterling silver – a new alloy that promises to transform the world of silver jewelry.
2. This beautiful bright white metal doesn’t tarnish! It’s alloyed with germanium, which provides protection from the oxidation that causes tarnishing.
3. Tom’s designs in silver are an exceptionally affordable way to give TKD as a gift or to enlarge your own collection.
4. Tom’s silver collection, like his work in gold, is hand-crafted from start to finish here in New England, with the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail you expect from TKD.
5. The designs in the TKD argentium silver line are a little heavier and on a larger scale than Tom’s gold line. The argentium collection is a bold, exciting new fashion story.

T 0 M  K R U S K A L  D E S I G N S
800 – 225 – 6409